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Serens Dream by toranekohybrid Serens Dream by toranekohybrid
Back on Saklar, he'd worked a number of years at a library.  When the planet had been threatened, he'd had to give that up.  The seniority, and the library itself.  He missed the latter more, to be frank, but the former had had its perks.

With the onset of a new threat, Seren feared having to give up the new library he'd just become accustomed to, because of Cruix being uninhabitable as well- but that had proven to not be the case.  He breathed a sigh of relief and continued to work to get his new library 'up to snuff,' as it were.  (Yes, he'd admit he was a picky so-and-so, but he'd lived long enough by that point he felt he'd about earned it.)

By the time the meeting happened, Seren had been left with the children who were of his own blood, through accidents and bad luck (his words, don't ask for details, please, he gets touchy) ending the lives of his adopted children.  And those other children of the woman who'd birthed his first child adopting him relieved some of the ache, he supposed, as well.  Joachim joined Heath as his progeny, and then Cheshire proved to have as much of a 'type' as Seren himself appeared to have, so Seren helped her in the raising of Yves- and dragged all three boys with him to the meeting the Charon called when the time came, as needed.

At the meeting itself, he was astonished to see the sheer number, and variety of personalities- and that none had quite yet managed to rip one another to shreds.  But most of all, he was amused and pleased to have someone interested in his idea to establish a library in the Divergent Rift.  Vlasa Harthford (and he was well aware of who the man was, mind) seemed almost half as eager as Seren to see the archive of information be established, and so, when a moment came free, Seren was happy to share all he'd learned in his years of running a library.

He became so passionate about the idea (to no surprise of his children or friends) that he worked his way into moving right on in to the place, setting up a home that was as amiable to his more aquatically inclined son (Heath) as it would be to his books (though the watery sections were well and far away from where he'd keep his books, no mold for those treasures!)

((I'm gonna go with the idea that if the shelves look like they're too big in comparison to Seren, it's 'cause it's his dream anyway.  XDXDXD ))

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Joachim belongs to Dreaming-of-fall
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Seren is cute <3
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April 18, 2014
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