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A list to help my brain operate a lil better mebbe? 

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Peeples open for commissions to fund their lives:

:star:Tenor: Tenor  [On Hold- for moving and other bills. ]

Mandy-kun: mandy-kun's tablet is dyingdeaddying?  (it's been temp-repaired) and she needs to make the funds up to get a new one before it dies in fact as well as in spirit, as CheVD has already performed the funeral dirge for it.

Genisay: Genisay needs to raise funds for general bill-paying.

Kingrefi: KingRefi needs to raise funds for general bill-paying.

Syellowtails: Syellowtails is in some financial straits and needs to make up the funds quick-like~

I am now full-time, slated to be getting 37.5 hours.  I HOPE that means I'll be financially stable now, as long as I can continue getting those hours and don't have any surprises crop up, so I'm moving my commissions info down, though I am still open to Commission.  (I'll just be slower with only one day a week I can work)

Main Commissions Journal

CAEs I need to do:

Required CAEs
:bulletblue: Ansarach | CAE:
:bulletblue: Ygstry | CAE:
:bulletblue: Remiz-Ardo | CAE:
:bulletblack: Reyfus
:bulletblack: MirrMouFone1
:bulletblack: FoneMirrMou1
:bulletblack: FranRosQav1
:bulletblack: RosQavFran1
:bulletblack: ReiBaoFaeMa1

:bulletblack: None yet | :bulletblue: rough draft | :bulletpurple: turned in | :bulletred: revisions in progress

Non-Mandatory CAEs
:bulletblue: Wichian | CAE:
:bulletblue: Akhil | CAE:
:bulletblue: Hunter | CAE:
:bulletblue: Rin-Zhi | CAE:
:bulletblue: Raliegh | CAE:
:bulletblue: Umlu | CAE:
:bulletblue: Dawn | CAE:
:bulletblue: Alexei | CAE:
:bulletblue: Tigrisey | CAE:
:bulletblue: Dahlia Alpha Approval gained | CAE:
:bulletblue: Mab | CAE:
:bulletblue: Castac
:bulletblue: Majii | CAE:
:bulletblue: Anpha | CAE:
:bulletblue: Majik
:bulletblue: Iberica | CAE:
:bulletblue: Alithuana | CAE:
:bulletblack: Chio
:bulletblack: Cannaire
:bulletblack: Becruch
:bulletblack: Ferguss

Many thanks for the PM some Anonymous person gifted me with. <3  

Profiles yet to make:  Corey |  Carey |  Cirey Tavishirr | Noirin | Aisling Connaugh | Sinead |  Canadensis  Trinadtsat Lab Kaosman 1 |  Paisprezece Lab Kaosman 2 |  Kenya Lab Kaosman 3 Wichian |  Sprite |  Mir Akhil | Hunter |  Rin-Zhi  Raleigh |  Tem |  Ket  Apawi |  Jen | Tig  Shun |  Diana |  Glorianna  Jovan |  Phayzh |  Akhil Alexei | Ceres | Cyprianus Iuvenalis | Matlan | Andi Adeena | Eovis | Maleet Raleigh | Surya | Long Cheng Hua Kali  | Anaya | Fioletovyy RosQav | Spyridon | Vinga MirrMou | FranHen | Amethyst Rubrum | MirrArven | RetSen Luna | Riley | Mataline Kuro | Gabi | Ruslan Baile | Yevgeniy | Yarkha LietMaa | RosMaa | Umlu Ermolai | Dorin | Dragos Costica | Faddei | Svyatopolk Desideria | Acke | Polymnia 'Trip' | Salaicia | Yves Chimir | Dakiri | Nozida Ebele | Lida | Lavi | Xyra | Zin | Namibia Sachiise | Majik | Iberica Quisti | Aja | | Sigalit Tri-Pec | Vinga | 



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UriahGallery Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much for the :llama: !
Thank you for the favorites. I really appreciate it.
You're welcome, it's an awesome cosplay. I should have said on the pages, but I think I was brain-dead and didn't think fast enough. XD
Well thanks. lol I appreciate that. I worked hard on that costume. Its a shame only a small handful of people even knew who i was at the convention we were at though. But i'm taking it to another convention the first of august sometime so i'll try to post up more photos if i can find the photographer that tries to come every year to show more of the costume in detail..
Oooooooh! I wish you luck and much fun! And Wild Arms never quite got the fanfare that games in the Square/Enix realm did, so it's not too surprising if it's not as well-known. A bit saddening, but not surprising.
(1 Reply)
KingRefi Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday to my favorite kitty! <3
My purring icon isn't working. So... *purrrrrrRRRRrrrr* Thaaank ye~
IsaacLover Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :iconcakeplz:
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